Migrant Worker Rights and Food Justice in Immokalee, FL

immokalee fl spring 2016 photo

Issue Area: Migrant Worker Rights and Food Justice

LocationImmokalee, Florida

About: Immokalee is a town in Florida that has consistently had booming farming and ranching industries. Through a weeklong service-learning program, our group will be immersing ourselves in the world of Immokalee, migrant workers rights, and food insecurity. We will be working with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a worker-based human rights campaign that is dedicated to preventing slavery, gender-based violence, and human trafficking in Florida’s agricultural community. We will also work with Immokalee’s Housing and Family Services, Immokalee’s Soccer School, and Redlands Christian Migrant Association Community School. We will even have some time to explore the local farmers markets and beaches that the area has to offer!

Participant Cost:  $400

Fundraising Effort: Medium

Number of Participants: 10

Leaders: Tia Lewis and Hannah Root

Questions? Contact us at asbimmokalee@gmail.com!

2 thoughts on “Migrant Worker Rights and Food Justice in Immokalee, FL

  1. Hello,I’m a senior student at the Columbian college majoring in Criminal Justice and this sounds as a great opportunity for me to serve the society.Please let me know if there is any spot available.Thank you.

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