Youth Empowerment and Education in Los Angeles

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Issue Area: Youth Empowerment and Education

Location: Los Angeles, California

About: The Alternative Winter Break trip to Los Angeles will focus on exploring the culture of the massive and diverse city of L.A., while addressing issues unique to a community with no single ethnic majority. The trip will focus primarily on youth empowerment in Los Angeles, in particular education and gang-violence through our work with The Garage Boardshop. We will also focus on community re-integration of formerly incarcerated and previously gang-affiliated people through our partnership with Homeboy Industries and Francisco Homes. AWB LA will prompt participants to gain new perspectives on mass incarceration, prison reform, and the dynamic social makeup of LA. AWB LA will also encourage participants to draw connections between the social issues of LA and their academic and personal studies. If you are excited to learn more about some of the systemic issues that have led to mass incarceration, gang involvement, or the education gap, this trip is for you!

Participant Cost: $600

Fundraising Effort: High

Number of Participants: 10

Leaders: Anthony Hannani and Charlotte Doyle

Questions? Contact us at!

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