Community Development in Nicaragua


Issue Area: Community Development

Location: El Manzano Uno, Nicaragua

About: The bulk of our time will be spent volunteering with the community surrounding Waves of Hope. Our trip focuses on community empowerment in El Manzano Uno, a small, underserved coastal community in northern Nicaragua. Through our work with Waves of Hope, a local non-profit, we contribute to community projects such as the construction of local schools, teaching English to El Manzano Uno’s youth, and supporting the organization’s goal of creating a sustainable, educated, healthy and prosperous community. By serving alongside community members, we will fully immerse ourselves in the community as we work, plan, and build lasting relationships with the people of El Manzano Uno.

Participant Cost: $800

Fundraising Effort: High

Number of Participants: 15

Leaders: Eric Passarelli, Rebecca Connolly, and Laura Almonacid

Contact: Email: Twitter: @GWAWBNicaragua

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