Animal Advocacy in Utah


Issue Area: Animal Advocacy

Location: Kanab, Utah

About: Our trip to Utah focuses on promoting animal rights and rehabilitation. We are partnering with Best Friends Animal Society, the largest no kill animal sanctuary in the country! At their Utah location, we will be participating in projects that include cleaning and maintaining animal habitats, feeding the animals, and socializing with the animals. Best Friends Animal Society will also educate participants about the various animal advocacy programs that include no kill initiatives, puppy mill and Pit Bull initiatives, and spay/neuter programs. You can also look forward to hiking and exploring Zion and Bryce National Parks and the wonderful city of Kanab, where we will all be living under the same roof cooking animal-friendly meals and reflecting on our issue area and rewarding volunteer experience.

Participant Cost: $600

Fundraising Effort: Medium

Number of Participants: 9

Leaders: Thomas de Lima & Lana Oser

Contact us at!


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